“If you break up with your boyfriend because he cheated, your brain is leaking” – Ese Eriata to Ladies

ex-Big Brother Naija Fake housemate, Ese Eriata has called on all Ladies and advised them not to break up with their boyfriend, if they catch him cheating.

The Busty Actress/singer in a series of snapchat rant came for all those who break up with their man because they cheat and tagged them as “someone with a leaky brain”.

“If you ever broke up because he cheated, it means your brain is leaking o”, She wrote on Snapchat.

She continued: “If the reasons why you are single is because you are looking for the one that won’t cheat on you, that means you will die single o. I say I should just tell you. Everywhere I go, ladies keep complaining that ‘oh he cheated on me, I’m not doing again’ ode!! Be looking for angel Gabriel”

She concluded: “All you need is a man who will love, care and respect you; respect you enough not to rub it on your face that he’s cheating. Stop looking for what you didn’t keep in his phone.. Your destiny is not inside the phone. When you have serious boyfriends these days, it’s hard for you to quit. I sorry for you”.

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