Monster Crocodile Killed Today, Inside The Ota-mmiri River In Ihiagwa, Imo State

This Monster crocodile was killed today, inside the Ota-mmiri river in Ihiagwa, Imo State see some reactions below;

dass_baby Meat Meat😍😍…If u vnt eaten crocodile or alligator meat…i dunno wah u re eating😢😢…Cow meat aint shit beside dz beauty😍😍…Meanwhile can we start making use of crocodile & oda animal skin like hermes does…evwitin z nt abt meat oh😟😟

lanrekoleade You invaded a Specie’s natural habitat, killed it and labeled it a Monster, please Who is the monster here? 🤔 .. Whatever happened to conservation and protection rights for endangered species? Ever wondered why we are still backward? ! South and East African countries are making millions of $$$ from people just filming and gazing at what you people just killed! Backward bush people😡😡😡

il_duche 😲What is Monstrous about this one now? After, they ll roast the monster and eat. Smh. Sup with keeping and investing in wildlife??? This Mr Crocodile could be in one Zoo making money for you**. 🤢🤐

ebukar Nigerians will not rest till every form of God given wild life in this country is killed and eaten as bush meat.. Same wild life that rakes in billions of dollars and employment opportunities to citizens of civilised countries.

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