“It’s Coming Too Late” —Juliet Ibrahim Berates Ex-Boyfriend’s Infidelity Apology (Watch Video)

Yesterday, Iceberg Slim took to his Instagram page to apologize to Juliet for lying, cheating and hurting her feelings that lead to the separation as Juliet Ibrahim had previously claimed.

In a video sighted by us, just some moments ago, Juliet Ibrahim in an interview on Accra FM reacted to his apology.

In her reply, she berated him and said it’s too late, meaning there’d no hope for a comeback.

“I feel like it’s coming too late but I appreciate the fact that he’s apologizing and clearing the air. I remember when news of our break up started making the rounds; everybody was attacking me. I have no idea why people always choose to attack the woman when there is a breakup,” she said.


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